Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Give the boy his soy

Yes, spencer has been eating...boy has he been eating.

After getting over a bout of the stomach bug, he has been an eating machine. Now, he can eat Mac and Cheese (in honor of his dad), carrots, and Peaches, and soon he will be eating chicken and yogurt...i just have to decide which to do first!

Here's my latest Stupid Mom of the Century Move:
I have this internal aversion to Spencer drinking soy formula and am on a constant quest to find SOMETHING else he can drink. So this weekend I wasted $15 trying out a lactose-free, milk-based formula-only to have him throw up on his teacher monday (even though i had already stopped giving it to him). NOTE TO SELF: Give the boy his soy!

Due to the fact that so many of the fruits and veggies that I started Spencer on have gone out of season, i am depending more on canned baby food. No more avocados, and even pears are looking all bruised up! And I am kind of tired of cooking big batches of foods as well, but this weekend i did try green peas again and some carrots. Just can't seem to get the right amount of water to steam those suckers!

In other news, Spencer is on the edge of crawling. Any day, I think he is going to come home from daycare and just take off, but it hasn't happened yet! and, am i really ready for it? Right now, he stays put really well (other that wiggling backwards and getting frustrated). soon I won't be able to let him out of my sight for a second-YIKES!