Thursday, August 26, 2010

the cooldown

Times are flying by. According to my own personal calendar (which is slightly different than the doctors), little Annabelle will be here in less than 2 months! Last weekend, we put some of the finishing touches on her room and completely redid Spencer's room, so things are basically ready to go. At least til the last few things come up-like packing a hospital bag, etc.

And, since I am working part time now, I am trying to spend more time with just Spencer, doing all the "mommy and boy" things that I have felt like I have missed out on the last almost two years by having him in full time day care. It is fun to go to the park, now that we have had an under 100 degree day, and even just come home and play with him. Now, a few of those days, momma was a little too tired to do much, and some of our adventures have ended in disaster, but I hope he is enjoying getting away from school and having fun!

As for his new daycare class, its just not the same. Yesterday, I told him we were going to go play with friends, and he got really excited. I hoped that he had finally decided that the kids in his class were his friends and wanted to go play with them, but when we drove up, he said, "Allie's class!" We had to walk around the whole building! Luckily the class with ALL his old friends was shut so he couldn't see them, or I would never have convinced him to go to his new class!

We have just completed night two of, "mommy, lie down," "mommy, sleep," meaning that someone has figured out how to come and get me every time he wakes up to come and sleep with him. At first I didn't mind, but when it was every two hours, then every 30 min., it was over! So, we just had to send him, kicking and screaming, back to bed every 10 min for a while in the middle of the night last night!

Needless to say, parenting is hard!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Whose a big boy?

In anticipation of our newest arrival, Matt and I shipped Spencer off to Cici and Pappy's house for the weekend to create a big boy room for him. we painted and decorated and put together a big boy bed for him. I debated for quite some time whether to get a twin bed or a toddler bed, but in the end decided on a twin bed that can last him sometime. We didn't get the box springs, so we will have to get some better support before we can really do more than gingerly sit on it, but that will come. The goal was to take his baby room apart and end up with something that can last him through several years and many interests.

So, we opted for beige walls with one big blue and one big red strip. His comforter is striped similarly, and he has car and general transportation stuff all over the walls. He came home tonight with no idea the "big boy room fairy" had come to visit. But the second he walked in, he was elated. He jumped on the bed immediately and spent much more time than normal in there. His daddy came home late and he had to show his new room off, not even finishing his leftover cinnamon rolls from this morning!

He watched his Little Einsteins show and very easily laid down in bed. It has taken him a little bit to find a comfy place-he is not used to a pillow-but I think he is down for now. Let's just hope 1) he sleeps through the night and we don't wake up to a little boy climbing in bed with us, and 2) he doesn't fall out of bed!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Last week!

Well, gang, this is my last week full time, and boy is it a doozy! I don't really even have time to think about how it is my last week-better, i suppose, than having nothing to do but sit around waiting for Friday afternoon!

As of next week, I will be going PART-TIME! Hopefully, the reduced hours/responsibilities will allow me to be around more for my little guy who is growing up before my eyes. I will also be able to have Friday's off all by myself to get ready for Annabelle and just relax a little before I have two kiddos to run around with.

So, here's to the beginning of the next part of my life-although I am not leaving the old behind completely. I will just not be there as much.