Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hi, 4 am!

Hi there, 4 am, which is really 3 am because of the time change!

annabelle and i are bonding this morning, meaning that tonight has not been a night of sleep in the horton house, and daddy has done his share for a bit (and i am typing one handed so there are few capital letters in this post). It also means that while someone likes to eat every 2 hrs, and her mom is ok with that, it takes almost an hour to eat then an hour to gt to sleep, which runs right into the next feeding.

one culprit in this senario might be the bratworst i ate for dinner. it gave me indigestion, and i don't think annie is a fan either. therefore it is early morning and we are both awake. she seems to be enjoying it much more than me!