Sunday, October 24, 2010

13.5 hrs

Well, in about 13.5 hrs, we will be beginning our journey to meet our newest family member, Annabelle Grace Horton. We are set to arrive around 5 am at the hospital, check in, begin meds, and hopefully have a quick and easy delivery. I, personally, am ready to go right now.

Spencer is so cute about his new sister. He can say her whole name and loves to talk about her, give her kisses, and when you ask him what he is going to do with her, he says, "be nice." I have told him that we are going to the hospital to get her, and he seems ok with that. I have shown him pictures of us at the hospital with him, and he seems ok with that. I don't know excatly what he is expecting, but hopefully he will accept her fairly easily (for a 2 yr old who is being taken away from his mommy's full attention).

I have spent the last couple of weeks pretty uncomfortable-much different than Spencer and am already progressed much further than I was with Spencer-before he broke my water, so needless to say, I am pretty much ready for tomorrow to come.

It is fun to try to imagine how she will be the same/different than Spencer. The pregnancy has been different, for sure, and of course, there are the basic differences between boys and girls, but I kind of think she will have quite a different personality as well. I imagine her as being a lot like her Mommy, fun but quiet, a little more serious. I also imagine her being a little more girly than mommy is, but not overly "princess-y." It will be fun to see if she lives up to this, or is a complete tomboy!

So, hopefully, it won't be forever before I post again, and I will have some lovely pictures of our little family of 4!

We covet your prayers tomorrow as it is always scary to go into the hospital and you just never know.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's been almost two months

since I posted anything to this blog. Things have been a little crazy since I started working part-time and really trying to get ready for this baby (who is tentatively scheduled to be induced in 9 days if she doesn't decide to come sooner).

Even though I am working part time, Spencer is also going to school part time,so that means that I get to hang out with him every afternoon when I am done with work. Somehow, that means I get about an extra 30 minutes of rest every day! But we have lots of fun and I feel so much less stressed than when Itried to work and always be there for him as well. We are able to just relax and play for about 2.5 hrs before daddy comes home. I wish I could be a little more intentional in our activities during this time, but unfortunately, Annabelle sometimes keeps me from doing a lot (it's always easier to blame the unborn baby, isn't it)!

But we have still had lots of fun together and are ready for Annabelle (at least as ready as you can get). I will be at38 weeks on Wednesday, so truly, she can come anytime, and I don't know how much longer she will make it! My goal, though I wouldn't mind any time now, is to have her on the22nd.In our family,we have lots of people with birthday's on the 11th or 22nd, so it would be kind of fun for herto fit into the theme. If she doesn't decide to come on her own, we are planning on inducing on Oct.25th. I can't believe it is really almost here!

So, I will try to keep things a little more up to date. Thursday was my last day at work but Spencer is still going to day care, so I may be looking for ways to keep myself still instead of running myself ragged all over town!