Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Early Work, Part 1

As I was cleaning out my closets this weekend in preparation for a garage sale and came across several stories I wrote in elementary and maybe middle school. I really fancied myself quite the author and had visions of writing chapter books for kids my age! For the next few days, I would like to share some of my stories with you. I have scanned this story (Click here to see the "original.") that I wrote in the 2nd grade. I remember this story distinctly because I lived in a little town named Garrison, TX (just outside of Nacogdoches) and I absolutely LOVED my 2nd grade teacher. I showed her my story and she even read it out loud to my class. I felt so important!

I have typed out the "manuscript" below. As a note, I had a cat named Garfield at the time. Also, I tried to type it exactly as it was written, hence the unusual spelling, as well as the unusual spacing of the "parts.".  I am sure they truly belonged somewhere else, but I didn't want to alter the original!

Let me know what you think! Perhaps I had been reading the following book:

The Space Cat

Part 1
Once long long ago, a cat named Garfild was going to go to the moon. “I don’t have a jet.” Do I have to go all over the world? He asked himself. He could not find a place where he could get a jet. He looked every were. But still he could not find a jet. One dday he was looking around and
Part 2
He saw a jet. He was so happy he jumped and jumped and jumped. He went to see if he could ride on the nest ride. The man said “The next trip is tomorrow. If you would like to go you can. Garfield asked “What time do I need to be here if I want to go. It starts at 2:30 and it colst 1.50.
Part 3
The next day when he went, they would not let
Part 4
 him in. the next time he went they let him in. When
Part 5
It went off Garfield got very scard. He jumped up high. But after that he got selded down. He flew for so long the thought he would never get out of that jet. When he got off
Part 6
The jet, he was so glad that he jumped and jumped. He danced for a hour. He wanted to stay for a week. But he couldn’t. Then he thought a day would be alright. But he couldn’t stay that long, becose if he did his oner (owner) would be sad. So he was going to go home in one minute. When one minute had passed, he went to get in his jet. But he could not find it.
Part 7
He looked down and he saw it floating down. He cryed for help. He cryed so loud someone herd him. So they sent a rockit up to get him. The man that got him said “You broke the worlds reckerd. You were the first thing to ever go to the moon in a jet. Congratulation!
The End