Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hi, 4 am!

Hi there, 4 am, which is really 3 am because of the time change!

annabelle and i are bonding this morning, meaning that tonight has not been a night of sleep in the horton house, and daddy has done his share for a bit (and i am typing one handed so there are few capital letters in this post). It also means that while someone likes to eat every 2 hrs, and her mom is ok with that, it takes almost an hour to eat then an hour to gt to sleep, which runs right into the next feeding.

one culprit in this senario might be the bratworst i ate for dinner. it gave me indigestion, and i don't think annie is a fan either. therefore it is early morning and we are both awake. she seems to be enjoying it much more than me!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

13.5 hrs

Well, in about 13.5 hrs, we will be beginning our journey to meet our newest family member, Annabelle Grace Horton. We are set to arrive around 5 am at the hospital, check in, begin meds, and hopefully have a quick and easy delivery. I, personally, am ready to go right now.

Spencer is so cute about his new sister. He can say her whole name and loves to talk about her, give her kisses, and when you ask him what he is going to do with her, he says, "be nice." I have told him that we are going to the hospital to get her, and he seems ok with that. I have shown him pictures of us at the hospital with him, and he seems ok with that. I don't know excatly what he is expecting, but hopefully he will accept her fairly easily (for a 2 yr old who is being taken away from his mommy's full attention).

I have spent the last couple of weeks pretty uncomfortable-much different than Spencer and am already progressed much further than I was with Spencer-before he broke my water, so needless to say, I am pretty much ready for tomorrow to come.

It is fun to try to imagine how she will be the same/different than Spencer. The pregnancy has been different, for sure, and of course, there are the basic differences between boys and girls, but I kind of think she will have quite a different personality as well. I imagine her as being a lot like her Mommy, fun but quiet, a little more serious. I also imagine her being a little more girly than mommy is, but not overly "princess-y." It will be fun to see if she lives up to this, or is a complete tomboy!

So, hopefully, it won't be forever before I post again, and I will have some lovely pictures of our little family of 4!

We covet your prayers tomorrow as it is always scary to go into the hospital and you just never know.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's been almost two months

since I posted anything to this blog. Things have been a little crazy since I started working part-time and really trying to get ready for this baby (who is tentatively scheduled to be induced in 9 days if she doesn't decide to come sooner).

Even though I am working part time, Spencer is also going to school part time,so that means that I get to hang out with him every afternoon when I am done with work. Somehow, that means I get about an extra 30 minutes of rest every day! But we have lots of fun and I feel so much less stressed than when Itried to work and always be there for him as well. We are able to just relax and play for about 2.5 hrs before daddy comes home. I wish I could be a little more intentional in our activities during this time, but unfortunately, Annabelle sometimes keeps me from doing a lot (it's always easier to blame the unborn baby, isn't it)!

But we have still had lots of fun together and are ready for Annabelle (at least as ready as you can get). I will be at38 weeks on Wednesday, so truly, she can come anytime, and I don't know how much longer she will make it! My goal, though I wouldn't mind any time now, is to have her on the22nd.In our family,we have lots of people with birthday's on the 11th or 22nd, so it would be kind of fun for herto fit into the theme. If she doesn't decide to come on her own, we are planning on inducing on Oct.25th. I can't believe it is really almost here!

So, I will try to keep things a little more up to date. Thursday was my last day at work but Spencer is still going to day care, so I may be looking for ways to keep myself still instead of running myself ragged all over town!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

the cooldown

Times are flying by. According to my own personal calendar (which is slightly different than the doctors), little Annabelle will be here in less than 2 months! Last weekend, we put some of the finishing touches on her room and completely redid Spencer's room, so things are basically ready to go. At least til the last few things come up-like packing a hospital bag, etc.

And, since I am working part time now, I am trying to spend more time with just Spencer, doing all the "mommy and boy" things that I have felt like I have missed out on the last almost two years by having him in full time day care. It is fun to go to the park, now that we have had an under 100 degree day, and even just come home and play with him. Now, a few of those days, momma was a little too tired to do much, and some of our adventures have ended in disaster, but I hope he is enjoying getting away from school and having fun!

As for his new daycare class, its just not the same. Yesterday, I told him we were going to go play with friends, and he got really excited. I hoped that he had finally decided that the kids in his class were his friends and wanted to go play with them, but when we drove up, he said, "Allie's class!" We had to walk around the whole building! Luckily the class with ALL his old friends was shut so he couldn't see them, or I would never have convinced him to go to his new class!

We have just completed night two of, "mommy, lie down," "mommy, sleep," meaning that someone has figured out how to come and get me every time he wakes up to come and sleep with him. At first I didn't mind, but when it was every two hours, then every 30 min., it was over! So, we just had to send him, kicking and screaming, back to bed every 10 min for a while in the middle of the night last night!

Needless to say, parenting is hard!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Whose a big boy?

In anticipation of our newest arrival, Matt and I shipped Spencer off to Cici and Pappy's house for the weekend to create a big boy room for him. we painted and decorated and put together a big boy bed for him. I debated for quite some time whether to get a twin bed or a toddler bed, but in the end decided on a twin bed that can last him sometime. We didn't get the box springs, so we will have to get some better support before we can really do more than gingerly sit on it, but that will come. The goal was to take his baby room apart and end up with something that can last him through several years and many interests.

So, we opted for beige walls with one big blue and one big red strip. His comforter is striped similarly, and he has car and general transportation stuff all over the walls. He came home tonight with no idea the "big boy room fairy" had come to visit. But the second he walked in, he was elated. He jumped on the bed immediately and spent much more time than normal in there. His daddy came home late and he had to show his new room off, not even finishing his leftover cinnamon rolls from this morning!

He watched his Little Einsteins show and very easily laid down in bed. It has taken him a little bit to find a comfy place-he is not used to a pillow-but I think he is down for now. Let's just hope 1) he sleeps through the night and we don't wake up to a little boy climbing in bed with us, and 2) he doesn't fall out of bed!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Last week!

Well, gang, this is my last week full time, and boy is it a doozy! I don't really even have time to think about how it is my last week-better, i suppose, than having nothing to do but sit around waiting for Friday afternoon!

As of next week, I will be going PART-TIME! Hopefully, the reduced hours/responsibilities will allow me to be around more for my little guy who is growing up before my eyes. I will also be able to have Friday's off all by myself to get ready for Annabelle and just relax a little before I have two kiddos to run around with.

So, here's to the beginning of the next part of my life-although I am not leaving the old behind completely. I will just not be there as much.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

a new kind of tummy time

This week, I have had to work late helping with VBS for the Good Sam Mission. We had a blast; they have a lot of great kids out there who just enjoy being able to get out of the house and hang out for a bit. I hope they actually learned something this week as well!

Spencer went on Monday because Matt was out of town, and he had a great time. It was so cute to see him walking around with the "big" kids (who were 2-4) in his group and playing games. Of course, he got to be the leader's kid and leave the group to follow mom around whenever he wanted, but come on, he is still a couple of months away from two, so I think it is ok.

But the funniest, and cutest, things that he has picked up on is tummy time. He didn't sleep well when Matt was out of town, and until tonight, would not go to bed til I got home. He would scream and scream til we got him out of bed and he could snuggle with mom for a little bit. Because my tummy is getting more and more round, it is kind of hard to lay on me, so we started snuggling on the couch. To try to get him to get drowsy, I started rubbing his tummy...then he started picking up his shirt and saying, "tummy," every time I stopped. For about 20 min. on Tues. and Wed. I had to rub his tummy before he would fall asleep.

Even though I don't advocate Spencer staying up til 9:45 every night, it was kind of nice, and one of the last few chances I will get to give him my total attention, so I can't complain about coming home to that! Now, if I can just get some sleep, all will be well!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Last weekend, at Korean Camp, I took spencer swimming. At first he was scared, but he took to it like a true boy and was jumping off the steps before I knew it! He even knew how to "kick, kick, kick!"

Sorry, i am still trying to get the pictures where I want them, but I have landscapers regrading my yard right now and Spencer wants to "help."
Can someone help me figure out how to move my pictures. They all display in a weird order, but here they are...last night, the girls came over for girls night and we made fun cupcakes for our families-even at ladies night, we are still thinking of our husbands and kids-unless they at them all on the way home!!

Dog in a Tutu!

Suzy helped me model Annabelle's tutu the other day. As you can see, she is super excited about a sister!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm back!

Spencer and I are home from Korean Camp. we had a great time, and he is growing to love swimming. At first, he was like, "no way, i don't think so, mom. are you crazy? look at all that water." but I took him in anyway.

By the second day, he was jumping off the steps into my arms and kick, kick, kicking around the shallow end. He had a great time and didn't want to get out.

Then, he made a few friends his age, but, as almost 2 year olds are notorious for, they weren't all that interested in playing with each other. Maybe a hi here or there but otherwise, everyone pretty much stuck close to their parents.

What he did make friends with was frogs. We saw one frog one day and spent much of our time thereafter on a frog hunt. We found a few here and there, which was delightful, I must say. Not much beats chasing a frog with a stick!

He also is captivated with music, especially guitar music. Gwen came to sing for us, and he pretty much stopped everything to listen to her. He has since found an old toy guitar that I bought for a quarter at a garage sale (because it doesn't make any noise) and has been carrying it around "playing" it.

So we had a blast, we are tired, and I think I am going to lay down now for the next 5-10 min. before he wakes up from his nap!

Have a good, restful Sunday before you start your week!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Vacation-all alone-and at home

Due to an unique set of events, I am getting to take 2 days off where Matt has to work and Spencer can go to school (I'm paying for it whether or not he goes, so he might as well go)! What to do with my time? I could shop, I could sleep, I could....clean? Actually, we have been so busy and will continue to be so busy, I have a feeling i will be spending my extra days cleaning up a little.

See, we worked really hard when we first moved in to get things unpacked, at least in the "public" places. Then, we had a series of disasters that kind of took our minds off the little decorating things-hanging pictures, unpacking our childhood things into closets where they can live forever, etc.

Then, we got busy getting Annabelle's nursery and Spencer's big boy rooms ready and still haven't gotten to the last few boxes.

Add that to the fact that Spencer got into the sharpee pile and went crazy on our furniture while I was doing something that obviously required all my attention, and it all adds up to a "fun" vacation of cleaning and toddler-proofing the house.

Now, I am not totally going to work myself to death-i'm not that committed. The goal is to clean for 1 hr in the morning and 1 hr in the afternoon, and then I can do whatever I want after that. If you include Saturday into the equation, that should give me a good 6 hrs of cleaning-more than enough, even with my extra long list (and if I don't finish, I will survive).

So, if you are looking for something to do over the next 3-4 days, feel free to come over and empty some boxes, organize some closets, vaccuum, or clean toilets. All offers (at least the free ones) will be accepted!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Spencer's Cool

Matt said I had to post about Spencer's newest catch-phrase. This weekend, Matt taught Spencer to say, "Spencer's Cool." It is too cute, really. Spencer won't say it on his own, but he is working on it. It kind of sounds like "Spncer Coo" but that doesn't even begin to describe it. So, if you see Spencer around, ask him if he is cool and maybe he will say it for you.

In other news, Happy Independence Day! We had a fun weekend, and Matt is staying with Spencer tomorrow while I go to work! But I get Friday and maybe Thursday off to be home alone, so I am not complaining! We will see how the boys fare on their own.

In other other news, we bought paint for Spencer's big boy room and Annabelle's nursery today. We finally cleaned out her room so you could walk in, and it is starting to make some sense. Can't wait to see the final result!

Finally, this little girl is wearing her mommy out! she has started dancing around in my belly, just to remind me that she is there-not that she can be ignored at this point. We will be at 23 weeks on Wed. Getting closer.

Well, i better put this little girl to bed now. Hope you all didn't stay out too late with your fireworks-yes i heard them, and they better not wake my little boy up!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This is how spencer says, "Yes ma'am,"-"manna." It is very cute and sweet, though he still has to be prompted to say more than "Yeah," it is nice that he is willing to try. Of course, he has to want it pretty bad to even say "yeah," as NO is his automatic response. Even his no is pretty cute, but at the same time very frustrating.

"Spencer will you bring mommy the pen?"
"Spencer, I am not really asking. I need you to bring mommy the pen now."
"Spencer, you don't say no to mommy. Do you need to go sit in time out?"

WHAT?!? I don't think he get it.

Friday, June 25, 2010

pictures, explained somwhat

So here is my problem. Since we have moved, we haven't really had any batteries for our camera, so i have really only been taking pictures with my phone. I have tried a few times to upload those pictures, but without success. But this morning, since my son is sleeping in, I am actually trying to put the 500+ pictures from my phone onto my computer so I can share with you! It might take a while, so be patient...but don't worry, i won't share all 500+!

Here are some of my cool guy, taken with a fun little picture app, some of the things I have been making:

OK, I think that's enough for now. I hear someone stirring...


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Stuff

Yesterday we were blessed with a wonderful patio cover, and today we are getting a patio floor. The Lord is good! Next up-regrading the back yard and new french doors and working on the electrical stuff inside. Then, we will be out of money and out of energy, except it will be time to decorate Spencer's big boy room and Annabelle's baby girl room. THEN, it will be time to have a baby. At least we are keeping our selves busy!

If I get time, and get the batteries charged, I will take pictures. Since I can't make my iPhone blogger app work, I will have to do it the hard way-yuck!

Friday, June 18, 2010

There are men at my house...

This morning, Spencer and I were out enjoying the front yard when a man walked around from the back. At first a little worried, he assured me that he was just here to build a shed for us. what a nice idea. See, he was supposed to come out on Tuesday but he overheated; then he was supposed to come Wednesday, but his truck broke down; then he was supposed to come on Thursday, but he only had time to drop off all of the materials before returning his borrowed truck. But TODAY, he was there are 7:30 ready to go! And from the reports I am getting from my husband, he is putting on the shingles now (at 11:15).

AND, there is a Terminix man checking for termite damage on our house. After "the flood," we lifted the carpet and I saw a few little rice looking critters hanging around on the wooden tag board that keeps the carpet down. So I called in the guy who did the initial inspection, and he couldn't find anything (of course, I couldn't find any of the tagboard to show him, and the little critters disappeared before I could take their picture). but he said it sounded like termites and there was no way to tell what might be lurking in our walls until it is just about too late. In the time between my discovery and his visit, I talked with a friend who had a similar (but worse) situation and had a contract for termite control. However, the contract only covered the termites themselves, not any of the damage they did. but terminix will cover at least some of the damage if they sneak in on their watch. UPDATE: So, it appears there might be termites, and terminix only wants a whopping $950 to treat $200 to guarantee they won't come to visit again. Hmm...decisions, decisions...

AND, this afternoon an electrician or two are going to come see if they can fix the inside wiring on our house before it explodes! What a concept! Now, if only we can convince the warranty company to approve it...

In totally other news,
1) i am so bummed that my iPhone app for my blog won't let me post pictures! what's a blog without pictures...and of course, i don't have the pictures i want to send on my computer!

2) my bosses daughter-in-law, Lindsey Pond, just found out that she is cancer free! on her 27th birthday! after her 2nd round with breast cancer. what a reason to celebrate. I think I will celebrate for her this weekend! You can read more of her story at

3) I really want to go pick blueberries, but when, when, when???

Monday, June 14, 2010

Good Weekend

We had a good weekend with the Horton Herd. Our goal was to stay home and just get things put away. It was an interesting feat, giving a 20 mon. running at our heels the whole time, wanting to "help." but also wanting to play, and cuddle, and go outside...

But we really got a lot done. Our living room/office and playroom/dining room are really looking nice. We don't have anything on the walls, really, so the closets are full of stuff that we decorate with, but that can come later. Mostly, we just had to put things where they belonged and make a place for things so that random things don't just keep piling up in weird places! It feels so good to be able to look through the "living" part of our house and no see just clutter everywhere. There are still a few boxes visible, but they are ok for now.

Then, I finally got my closet organized, along with my crafts area. It has taken some time to get there, but it was finally time that could wait no more, we Spencer and I tackled it! It is also nice to 1) have a tv to watch in bed, even if it is in the back corner, and 2) be able to see the floor! Not everything is where is will go permanately, but it is UP, meaning that it is not in the middle of the floor.

Now, we weren't completely successful at staying home all weekend. We went to a garage sale and found a cradle for Annabelle and a dresser for Spencer's new room. It currently has a gariffe head sticking out from it and we are trying to figure out what we can make it into. I will try to post a pic later, as that is kind of a strange description! Spencer also found some blocks and a potty he couldn't live without. We aren't really actively potty training, but we are letting him play with it for the time being (we did wash it out). Basically, when I go to the bathroom, I tell him to go sit on the potty while I sit on the potty. It works for a second or two! But it is fun for him, and he doesn't even know what is coming, so no harm is being done.

I also had to get out and buy some baby stuff this weekend. Once I know what I am having, there is just no stopping me! It wasn't real til i could buy stuff! So, it has been fun but I have a pretty good closet full of clothes plus promises of used clothes from friends, so now I have to stop!! At least with the clothes...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

counting our blessings

Well, despite our many housing disasters, Matt and I have been counting our blessings. It is the only way to keep our sanity in the midst of so much craziness. It is just so hard to feel so out of control-but maybe that should be our...
1st blessing-we are learning that we can't always be in control
2nd- we are learning how to handle crisis' without flipping out
3rd- God has provided in every situation-either through the home warranty and repair people, friend who have come to our aid, or the financial ability to just pay for it
4th-in the last situation, we are just glad that the electricity had been turned back on so that we were home to even know that there was a problem coming-which allowed us to act quickly

I won't say this has been an easy week, or an easy month, but we are all still standing and the house is still standing, and it is truly becoming our house. I won't say I hope this is the end of everything, (even though I do) because I know that it is not. We have a lot more decisions to make and a lot more people to lean on in the future. But we have great friends and a great network of people who are along for the journey, and Our God is taking care of us. So don't feel sorry for us, just be ready to come help when we call!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Let there be light!

In case you haven't heard, we have been without electricity for about 3 days, but we finally are up and running-just barely, but enough to move back home. Here are a few answers to your frequently asked questions:

1) Why don't you have electricity?
We woke up Sunday morning in a slightly warm house and no electricity in the kitchen and dining room (which holds the thermostat, and thus no air conditioning). we called the home warranty guys, but being a Sunday, didn't expect much. then we called TXU and they came out to show us how our wires outside had burned up and thus, no electricity in part of the house. In order to fix it, they had to disconnect all the electricity, and it has taken about 3 days to get it fixed.

2) What happened to your wires?
Initially, we thought the house had been struck by lightning, and therefore the wires were damaged and with us moving in, the extra load caused them to burn up. As they got further in, though, they discovered it was faulty wires that caused all the problems. In fact, the inside wires are as faulty as the outside, but they haven't burned up yet, so we will have to get them fixed pretty soon.

3) Who's gonna pay for all this?
The warranty company didn't think they wanted to pay for it when we thought it was a lightning problem, but we are hoping that since it isn't, and the wires just kind of "wore out," the warranty company will reconsider and pay for both the inside and outside wires! Pray with us for that as it would save us about $1500.

4) Why did it take so long to get it fixed?
First because it happened on the weekend, then they called a company who couldn't come time Thursday, THEN the local company didn't come til the end of the day Monday. They almost finished everything on Tuesday, but needed inthe house and we couldn't get there, so they had to come out this morning to finish the job.

5) Where have you been living for 3 days?
At Matt's mom's house. Thank goodness she lives in Tyler and has room for us!

6) What can go wrong next?
Oh, did I mention someone stole my credit card number and set up a paypal account? Yeah, that happened too!

What a fun week. But things are looking up! I got the credit card cancelled, the lights are back on, and we are home again!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Now that it is for real...

Well, folks, it didn't take us long to find our bedding for our new baby girl. After looking around for a bit, I sent Matt 5-6 options and he found his favorite. Then, I just HAPPENED to be on ebay when i found a NEW set for a ridiculously low price, so, i bid, just to see what might happen.

Long story short, we won the bedding for about half price!

In case you can't see by the picture, it is a toile pattern. The current plan is to paint the walls gray and pink (to match the pink bathroom) and maybe a dark black strip down the middle.

It is amazing how quickly how things happen sometimes!

It's A...

girl! Spencer is going to have a little sister come November. Having convinced myself it was my lot in life to have two boys, it is kind of a change of mindset to be expecting a girl. See, about a month before I got pregnant with Spencer, I started making bows and even thought I might start up a little side business. Then, we found out we were expecting, and there was so much to look at for the new baby that I forgot about the bows-til the sonogram. Then, when we found out it was a little boy, i pretty much put everything away unless i had a friend who was having a girl or something.

So this time, I never let myself believe that we would have a girl, and just put all that fru-fru nonsense out of my mind. So now, I have to revamp and begin thinking about bows and tutus and pink and prissy!!! YIKES!

I will try to share some of my ideas for the nursery soon. It is just kind of hard now because I have a little boy in my lap who has to watch the cookie monster video-C is for Cookie on his half of the computer screen! Anytime anyone is on the computer, he has to watch his movies! Mostly Elmo (momo) but then, it usually turns to Cookie Monster, and now he wants to watch Cbby Cadabby-a new girl on Sesame Street.

OK, I am off to my mother's high school retirement party (I keep referring to it as her graduation). She has been teaching since I was in the 2nd grade, so it has been a great career for her!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

It wasn't a fluke!

So, for 3 days straight, except for this morning when i got there in time to divert him, Spencer has climbed out of the crib. After the first morning, we were hoping it was just an accident and that he would "forget" how he did it. But it wasn't meant to be. The funny thing is, yesterday after his nap, he didn't even try to get out! I don't know if he associates being able to get out in the morning with being able to get out anytime. Or maybe he just decided it isn't worth it!

Nevertheless, we decided it was time to spring for a big boy bed. Rather than get a toddler bed now and have to get a new crib mattress and then have to buy ANOTHER bed when he outgrew that, we would just get him a twin bed. We went to Furniture Row and found a solid wood, very boy-looking twin bed where 1) you don't need a box spring and 2) there are two levels to put the bed at. When he was it, he immediately climbed up on it and layed down on the pillow. So, it just might work! However, we don't have a mattress or sheets or anything else, so we will fight the crib battle for a little longer til we can get it all together. Plus, he new room is full of newborn baby stuff, so until we know if we are having a boy or girl, and until we have time to move everything out, he will just have to make due!

Really, though, it isn't much of a fight. He is a very good climber (he has gotten in trouble a few times at school for climbing) so we aren't really worried about him getting out. Except yesterday he threw a HISSY FIT when the door didn't open immediately! He will just have to learn to come look for us if we aren't there, although I am not looking forward to that at 3 am! His monitor doesn't work in our new house (too far between the rooms) so we are depending on our very own ears to hear him, which are slightly less than perfect!

Oh well, can't wait to get started on my two babies new rooms. Just having to wait til Wed. to see what kind of room the 2nd room will look like!

In other news, have a great memorial day. We have several in our family in the military, so while we are cooking out and swimming we will try to take a few minutes to remember them and their families who give up so much for our country!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Since preparing for a new little one and moving into a new house, we have been discussing a new "big boy" bed for Spencer? What should his big boy room look like? Should it be a twin bed or a toddler bed? Should it be a cutsy bed, a boy-type bed, or just a generic bed. All these big decisions. But what we knew was that he would stay in the crib until his second birthday, when we would surprise him with his room. And we were waiting til we found out what we were having this time around before we made ANY decisions. Of course, I have been looking here and there and found a few cute things from
But we still have one more week before we can make any formal decisions about the actual bed, so we are waiting...

THEN, this morning, we heard Spencer rousing in his crib and Matt meandered back to get him while I fixed some cinnamon toast. Turns out, Spencer met Matt at his door! "Good Morning!! I have FREEDOM!!!" So, this could be a one time thing, or it could be the start to the end! I am on a little more frantic search for a bed, but still can't quite decide what to do. But from now on, there is no guarantee that just because we left spencer in his crib, he will be there when we go to get him! YIKES!

Monday, May 24, 2010

I love that Kid.

Spencer is starting to get at the age where he is a little frustrating. He loves to do all the things he is not supposed to do and you constantly have to keep track of him to see what he is getting into. It took us a little while to find all the cabinet latches for the kitchen and bathroom cabinets, so the past week and a half have been spent cleaning up everything he has pulled out, putting things "a little higher," and listening to fits when he can't get what he wants. Of course, he also has taken a liking to splashing in the puppy's water bowl and throwing her food around the house. NICE!

BUT, last night, as always, he redeemed himself. He brought me a DVD of the Wiggles that we had pulled out of the box (the DVD wasn't actaully in it, but still, we found it). Then, after watching for just a few minutes (I figured we MIGHT last through 2 songs) while I layed on the couch, he climbed up on the couch and layed down with me and we finished the whole video. Now, we started somewhere in the middle, but it lasted a good 15-20 minutes. I can't remember a time when Spencer was still (and awake) for more than 5 minutes! What a needed time of refreshing and cuddling with my 20 month old! Can you believe it has been 20 months?!? I can't.

So, despite all the headaches and tantrums, I still love this kid. He just does little things that make it all worth it. And with our second on the way (dr. checkup is today), it is good to have those little reminders of how we can put up with the bad days, when the good days-or at least good 15 minutes-are so good

Friday, May 14, 2010

Real Quick!

So, we are (mostly) in our new home. It has been a long day and a half, what with all the closings, moving, unpacking, etc. I mostly have my kitchen unpacked, but everything else is just laying in wait.

The only hassle we have had in the whole process is our oven. Quite simply, it doesn't work. Luckily, 1) the homeowner promised to fix it (he just failed to mention he would LOOK at it the night before we closed, and that there were no parts to fix the said oven), and 2) we have home owners warranty. So, this morning, we met the repair man, who said there was nothing he could do. Of course, all he can do is recommend a new oven. So, now we are waiting to hear from the warranty company.And, until then, I am released from baking! YIPPIE-and YIKES, what are we going to eat-perhaps lots of McDonalds is coming our way!

Anyway, I am trying to do a little, rest a little, as my little growth inside slows me down just a bit.

Spencer went to his Nana's house til late last night, when he came over to spend the night. His eyes got HUGE when I opened the door and he saw all of his stuff in a different place. No one got a lot of sleep last night, but enough that we were able to get up and going this morning. Spencer is a little out of his element, so he was glad to see his friends at day care. He is going to spend tonight with Nana so we can get things a little more organized and not have to chase him around as he "unpacks" things!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Moving Day!

It is moving day! Can't wait to get up, go sign about 1000 papers and then move! We have Cici and Pappy coming over, and Nana is on baby duty after school for the next couple of days, and the Sunday School class is on backup duty if we don't get it done by Saturday.

I have already ordered the mandatory moving pizza to be delivered tomorrow, called every utility company in existence, and packed up all my "normal" clothes that I won't be wearing for about 9 mos!

The Lord has been so good to us, given us more than we ever asked for, and we are trusting him to continue as we finish the process up. Then, it will be time to get ready for baby #2...we have to keep ourselves busy til June 1 when we will find out what we are having. Shouldn't be hard, since we willl have a whole house to decorate!

Anyway it is well past time to go to bed, but I am a little wired due to my "need" for a Blizzard after our girls' Bible study tonight. Chocolate Truffle Blizzards are good, but rich. I barely at maybe 1/10 of it and I was ok, but then I had to go back for one more bite before I finished up some packing and now I don't know if I will ever sleep again. I guess this is a good time to have that problem, but tomorrow I might be singing a different tune!

Besides that, the dog thinks I need to stay up all night with her. SHe just told me so. I think she is worried about why things keep disappearing from our house!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Andddd, we're moving. Just like that!

On Thursday, we will be making our way about 2.5 miles to the East to move into our new home. I know, it is a long distance trip...we better make it all in one haul, right? Guess again. I am boycotting packing up anything in a drawer (that is mvoing) or on a hanger. I might just throw everything into a laundry basket, unload it, and go back for more. or maybe, like our firewood, leave it for the new people.

We are all in a tizzy about our new pink bathroom. We found cute charcoal gray towels and rugs on sale, so we snatched those up. I guess our theme will be pink and gray/black! I am thinking of painting the walls above the tile gray, but we will see. We might not be doing a whole lot til after the newest one arrives. He/she better understand all we are doing to prepare for his/her arrival! At least it is keeping me if 6 college students from China isn't enough to do the job! Just 3 weeks til we find out what we are having...I hope it's a baby!

Really, though, it's not so much that I "just want a healthy baby," although that is most definately the case. It is just that I have very compelling reasons for wanting a boy or a girl. You see, I come from a 1 boy/1 girl family, and it kind of makes everything complete. Plus, it would be fun to get to go to dance classes, make hair bows, and all that kind of girly stuff.

BUT, think of the fun (read: MAKING MOM CRAZY) Spencer would have with a brother. They will be so close in age, I would hope they would be best friends... although they will probably fight like...well, like brothers! In addition, I already know about boy babies, I already have all the stuff, and boys are just easier in some ways... different ways, but still. At least you can give them a stick and a rock and they can be entertained-even though they will hit you with the stick and throw the rock in the the bird bath (and then want to splash in it).

So, while healthy baby is right up there on top of my list, it's really that I just have two lists going and in 3 weeks, I will toss one away and focus on the reality that is coming to the Horton Herd in November!

But until, then, feel free to come move a box or two.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yes, i am getting a pink bathroom!

So, how did this happen? How did i end up with a pink bathroom. Is fate pointing me towards two boys who have to share a pink bathroom, or is this a sign that there is another female coming into the family? I don't know, but I am pretty excited about it.

Now, i don't know how long it is going to last, and i don't know if you can see normal colors after spending an extended amount of time in there, but I have so much cute pink-ish stuff that i decorated my craft room in before i was booted out by a little boy, i am very excited to get to use it again! So, let's rejoice over the pink again!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A few more pics

Here are a few more pictures of our new house. If anyone knows anything about electrical work, specifically breaker boxes, give me a call. i have a dilema for you.

Monday, April 26, 2010

It's a slow computer day

It's a slow computer day around here, so here are a couple of pictures of our soon-to-be-house. Maybe if i get them downloaded to my "other computer" i can get them up here one of these days. We just signed off on the repairs the current homeowner is going to make, and have worked everything out with the ones who are buying our house, so it looks like all this is going to happen!!! It has totally been a God-thing!

Friday, April 23, 2010

all done with announcements

If you are on facebook, you know that the thing I couldn’t tell you earlier is that Horton 2.0 is on the way! The release date is set for Nov. 4. Matt calls him/her Sweettart, and so do I sometimes, but I kind of like to think of him/her as Horton 2.0-like software in production. I don’t know why, but I think it is just funny!


So, for now, that is the end of the announcements.


We are still waiting to hear on the house. We have fixed a few things on our current house and have asked the owner of the new home to fix a few things, so we are still kind of in negotiations. Hopefully we can find an agreeable middle ground on each house…because I really don’t want to be homeless.


I have pictures, but they are on a nother computer, so I will send those along one of these days.


Looking forward to a relaxing weekend with the family. YIPPIE!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Where I've Been? It's a long story

So you may be wondering where I've been. Probably not, but I am back for a quick update. There are many things happening at the Horton house, some of which we are ready to announce and some of which we are not. So you will get part of the story today and maybe the rest (or more) later next week. Too many things are just up in the air at this point.

Soooo, Easter was fun. Still haven't gotten the pics, but we hunted eggs, etc and had a great time.

Then, we had a garage sale. We are garage sale fools. Since we have been married (3.5 yrs) this is our 3rd garage sale. First, we had to consolidate our two apartments into one house that we not close to the size of our apts put together, plus we had to add all of our wedding gifts. That was a success. Then, just as we got our 2 extra bedrooms just the way we wanted them (a craft room for me and den for Matt), we learned we were having a baby and maybe needed to make some room for him. That was also a success. This on was in order to make a little more room and de clutter. So, there wasn't just a whole lot left, but we had enough to make a go of it. We opened about 7:15 on Friday and basically sold out by noon! It was amazing! We still have a few boxes of 25 cents stuff that wasn't worth sitting out in the pollen for several more hours, so we threw it in the car and took it to goodwill.

Actually, now that I remember it, the garage sale was before easter, since it was on good friday, but whatever....

So, moving on. The other reason for the garage sale was to begin getting our house ready to sell. We love our house, but with a baby boy who is moving around and being active and having toys all over the place, we need a little space to grow. So as soon as the sale was done, we began packing up all the non-essentials and personal effects that would detract prospective buyers. The next week was consumed with packing up closets, putting away winter clothes, picking up toys we don't play with, etc.

Then we were ready. Maebeth put the house up online on Saturday and put an add in the paper for an open house on SUnday. No backing out now!! So one couple came by on Saturday, two came to the open house, and one came back later for a second look. They gave an initial offer, we came back with a more reasonable offer, and they countered with something we could handle. So, now it is Monday and we have to find a house!!

we took off early monday and looked at about 6 houses. We had seen one house that i liked and didn't really think i would find another one, but as we looked for real, we noticed a few odd things. Then, we went to a house down the street that was just a few thousand more...and WOW! Matt fell in love! It is a really nice, really big (for us) house that we thought might last for a while... good school district, close to everything, lots of "living space" .... just what we were looking for. Nothing else compared, so Monday night we placed an offer. Got a counter Tuesday and took it. Oh, and did I mention I got a stomach bug/food poisoning at our celebratory dinner on MOnday night and spent about 1 1/2 days in the bed and still feel the reprucussions. And now it is today.

So there, you go! That's where I've been! Where have you been?

Friday, April 9, 2010



Thursday, April 8, 2010

wow, it's been a while, but things are happening, we are selling our house (or trying to) and trying to get it cleaned, had a garage sale, easter, etc.

so, give me a bit, and i will give you all the gory details!

Monday, March 29, 2010


Just for the record, O has overtaken B as our favorite letter. We can find o's in the most unique places. Here are some of them:

Looking out the window of the car- somewhat suspicious but they are there- whether he is really seeing them is the question.

On the nursery wall- there is a quote on the wall that has a few o's and we can barely get through a diaper change without pointing them all out

On the fridge- at cici's house there is a diet coke magnet that he just pulled off the fridge and pointed to the o

On the curb- fire zone, anyone

Target ad- the target logo looks suspiciously like an o

What do you think it means? That we love o so much? That we get obsessed with one letter at a time.

By the way, two is still the favorite number. We often discuss whether we need one or two crayons, cookies, etc


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Easter Week!

He is risen! He is Risen Indeed!

We got out a couple of weeks ago to take some outdoors pictures. Despite a wiggly and somewhat hungry boy, daddy managed to capture a few great shots! I had 60 free photos from shutterfly, so i actually printed these and some others out, so I will be glad to share, as i got two or three of some!


And, if you are around Tyler this weekend, we are having an Good Friday Garage Sale to remove the clutter from our house. Don't know if this is sacrilegious, but it is the only weekend we have. More details on our busy life to come...

Monday, March 22, 2010

18 mos and counting

Here he is folks! 18 mos today... Of course that means he has to go to the dr first thing for shots, etc. Wish us luck. Hopefully we can go on a mommy son date tonight to celebrate since the daddy has to work.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

and then he cried

OK, so I don’t know how many other people have this problem with their child but mine actually likes going to time out. You set him down, and he just sits there, smiling and babbling and looking at everything. THEN, he goes right back to what he was doing before so that you can catch him and send him back to time out. Sometimes, he even just walks over to time out himself and sit down to watch you. What is up with that?

So, last night, we had enough. His main offenses include opening the kitchen drawers and to look for his beloved ‘poons, but finding instead spatulas, medicine bottles, etc.; also on the list includes closing the pantry door on the puppy while she is eating her food (which is inside the pantry). So, both of these are fairly big no-no’s, as both could end badly if not handled right away.

So, finally, we got it through his head (we hope) that time out is not a FUN thing. It is not something to be desired, nor a game, but is truly a punishment. Finally, he cried when we put him in time out. I think he was more startled by the deep, daddy, NO, and more crying to say that he didn’t like being told no, why would we be so cruel, than crying because he was in time out. But it’s a start, right? Not to say that i WANT my child to cry, but to at least acknowledge that something bad has transpired, ya know what i mean?

In a completely different direction, we had a great time with the cousins and other family members at the zoo on Monday. Yay for 2 weeks of only working 4 days, though I have a lot to do and probably need to work 5. But back to the zoo-Spencer was more excited to be able to run around in the fresh air than the animals, but that’s ok. He was so tired he fell asleep in the car after lunch, and slept from around 1:30-3:45-a great nap in our book. But he was still tired, so he actually sat down….in my lap….for about an hour. Granted, he was playing games on my iPhone, but still-he SAT! I knew he was tired when he sat! So, that’s a good memory to put down, and a good activity for a day when I need a long afternoon!

Friday, March 12, 2010


So, overnight, it seems, Spencer has become a big boy-a big boy who is all too happy to spend his day at daycare, bye bye mom, see you in a bit. Now, in a bit of relapse, I had to go heat up some lunch for him on Wed., because it is bring your own lunch week at school (because it is spring break and they are short staffed). NOT A HAPPY CAMPER! He didn’t want me to make lunch, he didn’t want to eat lunch, in fact, he held my hand while he took bites with the other in an effort to keep me once he finally did calm down. Needless to say, when I left to go make MY lunch, he had a meltdown (sorry to his teachers for that). So, he just got cold turkey and cheese the rest of the week.


BUT other than THAT, he has gone from short-lived (I think) meltdowns every morning when I drop him off, to just running in, looking around, and saying “BYE,” in the cutest little southern accent you ever have heard. I have a sneaking suspicion it is because of a new toy in their room-a bunch of soft climbing toys that he can jump around on. The last two days, he has run in and started playing, then ran over to the door when I left to say bye. I have reached my hand over the ½ door and either gotten a kiss on my hand or a high five.


I have to say, I am pretty proud of my little man.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Photo blog

My latest cake decorating class

My little cleaner

The garage after cleaning-- yes, after.

The trash bag where I lost my wedding ring.

Office closet

Garage sale/ giveaway pile

Eating our free chick fil a at elmos diner! We were the 100th customer!!

Mr. Potato boy borrow mrs. Potatoe head's glasses

Sorting Day Miracle

So, I took today off to get our house organized! I try every weekend to pick up, vacuum, and clean the bathrooms. Matt takes care of the kitchen. But we have closets (and a garage) full of items that we either don't want or don't want to get rid of but don't have the room for. You know what I am talking about-books, nails, picture frames, outgrown baby clothes. The attic is full and it is getting time to downsize. The rule is, if you haven't used it for its purpose in the 3 years+ that we have lived here, it needs to go away.

So, on to the miracle. Before I could tackle the storage closets, I had to clean up the garage and organize what we want to keep and what we want to sell or give away (and what doesn't really belong to us and needs to go back to its home). THEN, I had to go through all of Spencer's clothes and take out the winter/outgrown clothes and find all of his next size clothes. This included boxing up all the outgown clothes according to whether it belongs to him or not (we had a generous clothing donor, but they have to go back). THEN, i tackled the "office." This includes a huge closet full of all my gift bags, including the bazillon baby bags that came for spencer, Christmas bags, etc. It also includes all the office supplies that we need but don't have a place for. Also, Matt's books that he "hasn't used for their purpose in 3+ years."

Now, as I am just about done doing what I can reach with out a chair, I look down and notice that something is missing...what is wrong with this picture? Oh, no wedding ring?!? How could that be?!? My wedding ring has been loose basically since I got pregnant with Spencer, and this brings back memories of right after he was born. We were having our best friends over, and just before they arrived, I realized I had lost my wedding ring! Spencer was just a few months old, sleeping in his little seat, and I was freaking out! While everyone was busy catching up and chatting, I was trying to descretly tear the house apart. My friend Neta noticed something was wrong and quickly organized a search party. Steven found the ring, under the not-so-sleeping-at-this-point Spencer! Now, he is known as Uncle Steve! But I digress...

I try to think about everything I have touched today-a lot. I am thinking, this is the end of my sorting day. I am going to spend the rest of the day un-sorting. But I tried to keep a calm head. I walked around looking on the floor for a bit, then I just tackled it. I started with my sack of trash, I don't know why, it just seemed like a good idea. I pulled everything out, thinking, "I am probably pulling the ring out with the trash." But just as I got to the bottom, there was a shiny silver, round item.

Can you believe it. The first box of probably 20 that I had dealt with today had my ring in it. Needless to say, the ring is currently in its ring holder for the rest of the day...or at least til I go pick the boy up from day care. Anyway, I had to take a little break to tell you about m y sorting day miracle.

Here is a picture of the day I got my ring:

Now, off to finish sorting day!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Every day, since Spencer's class started going outside to play on the playground, he comes home and wants his "go go." nothing else matters, not pushing the button to close the garage (a source of great pride), not seeing Suzy, the puppy, not even eating. I think they have these cars at the playground, so he has really figured out how to make it go by himself, and he is so proud of himself. He just throws a FIT when you try to get him inside!

Sometimes I let him play, but usually I try to keep him from seeing it. Bad mommy, right? But Daddy let him play last night, while I had meetings. I need to be better about giving him his time, letting him play outside. It has been so cold for so long, we haven't been able to, but now, the weather seems to be warming up, for a little while anyway, and he just has a blast running around and playing outside.

I would rather him want to be outside than inside watching TV (which he is not really interested in), and I am just going to have to allow him to be himself and encourage his independence and activity! I am actually glad he is so active, I just don't always want to be so active!

Anyway, the last two nights, I have had meetings til about 7:30, and when I come home, he drops everything and runs, squealing, to give me a big hug, and not let me out of his sight until he goes to bed. Now that, my friends, is love and devotion!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Folks, we have a climber on our hands! From shelves to furniture to stairs to anything more than 1 inch tall, Spencer is quite the climber! He wants to get as high as possible. He has a little pottery barn chair that we put in front of the TV when we need him to sit down for a minute (although it only really works when he has a bowl of popcorn). It backs up to the coffee table, and he loves to climb over the back and slide up on the coffee table (and would probably stand up on the coffee table if we didn’t end it sooner). Last night, I moved the chair away from the coffee table and he still tried to climb over-only to tip the chair over backwards. I caught it with my foot before he could splat on the ground, but he thought it was the funniest thing ever and wanted to do it again! NO FEAR!


Then, he has a bookshelf with a storage trunk on the bottom (plastic). He can climb on the lid to the trunk when it is closed and reach just about everything he wants, but when the trunk is open, there is only about 2 inches of the side of the trunk to stand on-however, he can do it, then proceeds to try to climb up onto one of the shelves-YIKES! I can only imagine what will be next.


He also climbed up on his tractor and stood up on the seat, looking around as if the view was somehow so much better from the 18 inches or so higher he was!


What a character! He is definitely going to keep us on our toes!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


So, I don’t know if other children have an affinity for certain numbers, but Spencer is particularly fond of 2 and B. If you are counting items, he will count by 2’s- 2, 2, 2,2. He doesn’t really know that means he has 4, but he is counting. Then, we moved his changing table over by a wall decoration that is words, and he calls every letter B. I guess it is good that he is figuring out letters and numbers (although on the wall decoration, he calls the numbers B, but come on, he is only 17 mos). It is just funny that he has caught on to the 2nd number/letter, not the first. I guess he isn’t paying that much attention when you start, but figures it out by the second.


Oh, if I could just read his mind sometimes, though I don’t know if I really want to!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My silly boy!

Spencer knows the way to his mommy’s office and isn’t shy about getting out all the snacks-whatever he can find. He is especially fond of the mini vanilla wafers and million bottles of water that I have left over from conferences and other children’s events. Currently, he is pulling out water to insist on drinking a little from each on. I have a refrigerator with magnets, but those are unimportant-what is important is pushing all the buttons on my printer, making it print test pages and generally goofing it up for the next time I try to print something. I haven’t been unable to make it start working, and it is just not high enough to keep him away from it, so I suppose I will have to wait.


Speaking of pushing buttons, do all children have this huge obsession with pushing buttons? He always has to open and close the garage door (by pushing the button), turn off all the lights (not exactly a button, but the same idea), and we have already talked about the buttons on the printer. He can even say button!


Oh well, I guess I can use this time to begin teaching him how to turn off lights when he leaves a room, close the garage door behind him, etc.

email blogging

Hey blog world. Did you know that you can set up email blogging? Now I can just send an email to a "secret" email address and it will magically appear on my blog. How sweet is that?!?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hello my name is andria

and i am addicted to sweets. No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to stop! As long as I don't have any sweets, I don't crave them too much. But once I give in once, I can't stop! This weekend, I ate whatever I wanted; i figured we walked enough, I walked all of it off.

but now I am not walking all day, and I am still eating sweets. On Tuesday, we had a meeting with boxed lunches, including cookies the SIZE OF MY HEAD. Then, we had some leftovers, so i had another one today...along with another cookie. THEN, to top it all off, I had a Nutty Buddy ( i think it was actually called a Country Cone or something like that, but they were called Nutty Buddy's when I was growing up) after dinner (at Cici's Pizza no less).

So, it is time to hit the gym again. I have been working out during lunch, but have taken a break for this or that reason this week. So, I think I will get back on it tomorrow. I work out at the church gym, which is fairly good for a free place to work out. There are two elipticals now, which is my favorite, and a lot of TV's so everyone can see. For a while, there were remotes so you could watch whatever you wanted, but I guess people were not watching the most appropriate shows, and they must have gotten complaints. I know I was tempted to watch All My Children, but I didn't want everyone else working out to have to see it, plus, HELLO, I was in church-not exactaly church material, right? I usually watched Food Network, which is kind of weird while you are working out! But now, all we can watch is MSNBC. So what do you like to watch while you work out?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

It's good to be back

Spencer and I are home alone tonight and though we have had a few tantrums, both of us, we are now having lots of fun. He is fearless, guys.

Who cares about toys when you can climb everything?

I finally have had to try to put an end to it because he wants to stand up.

Seriously how many times do I have to pull him down? Now I am sitting on the end table myself and he is trying to climb up behind me.

Can you say stubborn? Ok on to more fun.